There’s nothing more wonderful than a virtual class with Tammy. Wherever I am, she creates a tailor-made workout, ingeniously using my space and equipment (or lack of it). Tammy’s meticulous awareness of my form, and her gentle, positive feedback, make each workout not just a continual gift to my health, but a joy.~ Sonia T.
I’ve trained with Tammy for several years and cannot imagine a better personal trainer. Sessions are tough, yet not excruciating, and NEVER boring. She tailors workouts to support and complement whatever I’m doing outside of the gym – skiing, marathon training, etc. She’s also flexible, smart, and very funny!~ Jeanne B.
My sessions with Tammy have proven to be an important factor in my overall well-being. I appreciate her precise guidance regarding form, which is just as specific online, as it is in person. Considering my progress in strength, stamina, and weight loss, without question, I have benefitted greatly from Tammy’s expertise.~ Donna S.
Tammy is the complete professional. Her workouts are always thorough, stimulating, and invigorating. I am 85 and, thanks to Tammy, remarkably free of ailments and limitations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
~ Sally D.
Tammy is a capable and knowledgeable trainer with a lot of experience. She personalizes each workout and knows how to work through clients’ injuries/ disabilities – whether they be temporary or permanent. Sessions are productive and very enjoyable.~ Jeri D.
Tammy is amazing! She cares about her clients and tailors the sessions to fit their needs. Whether we work out online, in a gym, or in my home, it’s a fun, focused, and challenging workout. I have worked with other personal trainers. Tammy is the best!~ Sarah-Ann K.